The Value of a Supportive Team

You don’t realize how important your team is until you’re pushed to the limit and really need to count on them. True, it’s always good to have a team of coworkers that you can count on for the day-to-day, but it is when you’re faced with a real struggle, challenge, or tragedy that you realize how great they are. I am currently dealing with a personal challenge that has taken me away from the office for the past 4 weeks. However, my amazing team has been able to not only make sure that the projects are getting done, but that our clients are happy and new projects are getting off the ground. I couldn’t have done this without laying the groundwork for creating a supportive team. Some of the things I think are most important are:

1. Communication: Talking to team members throughout the year about their goals and ambitions and offering them opportunities to grow in their positions.
2. Weekly meetings where everybody gets together to talk about how we can support one another with what we might need that week to get through a project.
3. The “no diva zone” policy: While we are all divas in our own right (and fabulous!), we are not any more important or better than each other. The value of our group effort is what’s most important and that we should all work together to meet our clients’ needs without egos. I feel that my team is really great at this!
4. Being able to celebrate our successes: While we need to do this more, we try to have days for celebration with lunches and other fun stuff, which is really important.
5. Another part of the fun stuff is a yearly retreat where we’re able to come together in a more personal way and share our stories. It’s helpful to get to know each other in our personal lives, as well as our business lives so that we understand each other better on the day-to-day.

So right now, as I go through my challenge, if you need anything from KGI Design Group, there is not even a hiccup. You can call the office, and my amazing team will make sure that whatever you need is taken care of!

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