The Power of a Woman-Owned Business

  “There is no limit to what we, as woman, can accomplish.”

– Michelle Obama

Happy Women’s History Month! In honor of this fabulous month, we want to acknowledge some prominent female graphic designers, whom you may or may not have heard of, but you have definitely experienced their work as they have made their mark on the world in such extraordinary ways: Paula Scher of Pentagram, most famous for her work for The Public Theater, Louise Fili and her amazing typography solutions on over 2,000+ books, Carolyn Davidson, best known for the Nike Swoosh logo, Susan Kare, notable for her works with Apple, Sylvia Harris, creative director for the United States Census Bureau, and Carin Goldberg, known for record album, book, and NY Times Magazine cover design+. These women have revolutionized the industry with their art and continue to inspire future generations of graphic designers. So many other women deserve to be honored, and we commend them all for sharing their talents and paving the path for future generations. Kudos Ladies!

Our KGI team celebrates and empowers women each and every day. KGI is 100% woman-owned and a certified WBE with NYS, NYC, PANYNJ, Nassau, and Suffolk. We’ve had many business opportunities on both state and federal levels thanks to our WBE certification! We have had the pleasure of working with ForumFYI, MTA, MNRR, NYSDOT, and the NYC DEP on some awesome projects. We have provided design and marketing, website, and 3D rendering services to help bring projects to life!

We couldn’t be more proud to be a woman-owned business! Our team of brilliant, intelligent, innovative, and creative women work hard every day to provide top-notch design and marketing materials for our clients. Our male team supporters are amazing as well.

Now all that’s missing is you! Let’s grab a coffee to learn more about each other and how we can bring your brand to life to support your sales and marketing with strategically, beautifully created branded materials from web to print. And if not a fit right now, how can we refer each other?

If you’re interested in learning more about the NYS WBE certification, feel free to reach out! We’re more than happy to help you become certified and reach your business goals. Together we can do it!

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