KGI Supports the Allan Shedlin Memorial Classic

KGI Design Group has supported the American Cancer Society’s Allan Shedlin Memorial Golf Classic for the past three years. We are proud to see how this event has thrived through these unpredictable times and grown to offer even greater resources for those challenged by the realities of cancer.

“Kim and the KGI Design team are wonderful to work with. They are a group of talented and creative professionals who can assist any event in developing a brand identity. I highly recommend KGI Design and I look forward to working with them again.”
– Elizabeth Mayer, Associate Director, American Cancer Society

The Allan Shedlin Memorial Golf Classic is the American Cancer Society’s premier golf fundraiser in the nation, which has raised more than $8 million in support of the Society’s programs and services. This exclusive event, chaired by BlackRock’s CFO, Gary Shedlin, is attended by C-suite level executives from powerhouse financial institutions and honors a top philanthropist in the industry. The Classic was created in memory of Gary’s Grandfather, Allan Shedlin, a dedicated 32-year American Cancer Society volunteer.

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