Empowering Growth: Harness the Power of Surveys

Have a great idea, but not sure if you should incorporate it into your business? Want to test something new, but don’t want to deter new or existing clients? Have you tried using a survey?

Surveys can help with customer feedback, market research, brand awareness, and so much more! Small businesses can utilize survey data to inform marketing decisions – to fix what isn’t working in the preliminary stages and to gather feedback post-launch.

We’ve been working with a client who needs answers: “We have so many additional services we could offer, but we’re not sure if our current and potential clients would be interested?” Sending a survey is the best way to reach your clients directly and get the answers you need!

Survey Monkey has the best features for our needs, but there are many other free and paid options including Google Forms, Qualtrics, Typeform, and even some email marketing tools such as Mailchimp can incorporate surveys!

Interested in creating a survey for your company or just want to see what your survey could look like? Take our quick 1 minute survey below!


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