Be Thankful: Appreciation Matters!

Our client Dan Paulson wrote his November newsletter about changing your mindset by focusing on gratitude. Check out Kim’s excerpt from the article:


To create a thankful mindset, you have to change your habits.
Old habits die hard, so new outcomes require conscious effort. A
gratitude journal is a step to changing behaviors… Kim Poulos
Lieberz shared “I too keep a gratefulness journal and have written
5 things I am grateful for every night for the past 30 years (so I
guess I’m almost at 11,000 things to be grateful for at this point).
To anvone thinking about doing this – just do it – whether private
or public – I know for me it has changed both my focus and my
being from the inside out. When we reflect back daily we realize
how truly blessed we are, even when it is sometimes hard.”


Read the full newsletter here.

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