Join the Boldest in 2024: Successful Start for KGI

KGI is ringing and singing in the new year with a jingle!

We recently collaborated with the New York City Department of Corrections (NYCDOC) to launch its “Join the Boldest” recruitment campaign aimed at hiring new talent. Acknowledging the difficulty in attracting individuals to become COs, we set out to create a memorable and “sticky” jingle that resonated with the campaign’s message.

KGI also developed the key art including a funky type solution, headphones and animated sound waves to convey the tone and rhythm of the ad. The DOC internal team was then able to take our art and deploy each application. Our commitment to understanding the unique challenges faced by the DOC allowed us to effectively tailor our approach.

Our team accepted the challenge of developing this campaign to address the recruitment needs. We pitched multiple ideas, and the jingle emerged as the standout choice by the DOC and City Hall. The catchy tune has become the focal point of the campaign, successfully capturing attention and leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

The “Join to Discover the Boldest Version of Yourself” jingle campaign can now be seen and heard across various platforms in the heart of New York City, including cabs, ferries, buses, bus stands, on social media, the radio, and TV. This multi-channel approach ensures that the campaign reaches a diverse and wide-ranging audience, maximizing its impact. Check out the official campaign video below.

We are grateful to the NYCDOC for entrusting us with this opportunity. Working on this project has been a significant achievement for our entire team. This campaign not only meets our client’s objectives but also serves as a testament to the creativity and effectiveness of our work. Let’s hope that 2024 continues to bring us all new opportunities and success. Cheers to a remarkable year ahead! Discover the Boldest Version of Yourself!

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