KGI Likes an Article on 2016 Logo Trends!

Simplicity is king once again. Typography has taken a decidedly strong swing to the austere. Nearly a neo-Swiss style, many wordmarks have abandoned much of their personality and adopted a universal sans serif construction. I say neo because with every incarnation of a style there are shifts from its former self. 

Notice also the simplicity of shape. Pure geometry is much more evident as foundation components in logos. As we’ll investigate, the circle has never been more central to design and in such a stripped down motif. Center stage without the wardrobe.

These pared down planes are popping up across the board. More and more companies are electing to go, or following their designers, down this road. One conclusion we might draw is that a simplistic logo represents a company whose products or services are perhaps uncomplicated and speak for themselves.

We found some really great logo inspiration from this article by Graphic Design USA! Apparently simple designs are making a comeback, but you know what they say: when in doubt, go back to the basics! We encourage you to give this “2016 Logo Trends Report Simplicity As King” a read-through!

Take a peek at the current trends to see if you recognize any similarities in these logos and ones you may have seen before!

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