London Pride 2016: LGBT+ Symbols Replace Green Man On Traffic Lights (June 2016)

Over 50 traffic lights will be revamped to give the traditional ‘green man’ a boyfriend – and the more untraditional ‘green woman’ a girlfriend – to support London Pride this weekend.

As well as same-sex couples, the seven symbols include a straight pair. Each couple hold hands to form a heart between them. Other lights show gender symbols, including a widely recognized trans symbol. 

Transport for London (TfL) – who designed the symbols in-house – were inspired by a similar project in Vienna last year, and continue the inspiring simplicity of the original ‘green man’ design. 

We thought this was so cool! What a fun and innovative way to bring awareness of London Pride to the streets of England! Maybe next summer, we’ll have our more diverse symbols replacing green men on our traffic lights in NYC!

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